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As the leader in digital skills training for your business, we are perfectly placed to build your training programme and deliver to you and your team. We work with a range of organisations from individual sole traders through to international marketing agencies and multi-national hotel chains.

We are specialists in digital and social media training and build bespoke training programmes in addition to our ready-to-run courses. Our trainers have run training workshops on dozens of varying topics and can definitely help you and your business. Some of our courses include –

Facebook for Business

Is your Page working for you? Is your Page set up for success? Ensuring you are making the most of this ubiquitous network that millions use daily.

Search Engine Optimisation

Are you where you want to be on Google? Learn the changes you can make to your website to optimise for search engines.

Content Creation

Not sure what to write? Struggling to come up with the right ideas for your creative, how to phrase your copy, designing visuals & artwork? Learn the tools that make it simple.

Targeted Adverts/Persona Marketing

Want to reach your ideal customer? Using advanced targeting features available in these PPC/PPM advertising tools allow you to reduce how much you spend while converting more.

Build your own Website

Looking to learn how to build/design your own website? Take control of your own web presence and start selling or promoting your products/services.

LinkedIn for Business

Not being found as much as you’d like to be? Get your profile set up correctly, learn how to make the most of this network of professionals.