How to post directly to Instagram using Hootsuite

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How to post directly to Instagram using Hootsuite

For so too long, you haven’t been able to post to Instagram using any 3rd party tool and were restricted to using the mobile app on your smart device. Today, that ends!

Instagram has made direct publishing available to business profiles. If you don’t have a business profile yet, but want to take advantage of direct publishing from Hootsuite, you’ll need to convert your personal profile to a business one.

How to post directly to Instagram using Hootsuite

This is going to be great news to Instagrammers largely due to the awesomeness of Instagrams visual reach, combined with Hootsuite’s just-as-awesome scheduling. This powerhouse partnership means that visual marketers will be able to tap into the imaging giant in a way previously not possible.

You will need to ‘refresh’ the permissions that Hootsuite has for your Instagram account (if you’ve already added it), so just head to your Hootsuite dashboard, click on your [Business] Instagram profile and follow the “Connect with Instagram” button.

As mentioned above, you’ll need an Instagram Business account (if you don’t, check how to convert your personal Instagram profile to a business profile), you’ll also need to authenticate using your Facebook account.

How to post directly to Instagram using Hootsuite

Once done, you’ll be all set up!

How to post directly to Instagram using Hootsuite

If you’re wanting to publish videos to business profiles or photos to personal profiles, you’ll need to continue using the ‘normal’ way of working (you can schedule the content and Hootsuite will send a notification to your mobile device where you’ll be able to cope the scheduled content over into Instagram with a click of a button).

Instagram requires these posts to be published via the Instagram app on a mobile device. So when you send or schedule a post from Hootsuite, a reminder notification is sent to your Hootsuite mobile app when the post is ready to publish. From the notification you can easily publish the post via the Instagram app.

Give it a go and let us know how you find it. You can tag @HypestarUK in your Instagram posts (and you’ll find me at @JamesLaneMe).

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