Can I Like a Facebook Page AS my Facebook Page?

//Can I Like a Facebook Page AS my Facebook Page?

Can I Like a Facebook Page AS my Facebook Page?

How to Like a Facebook Page as your own Facebook Page

Building your community on Facebook is a useful and rewarding process, but there are undoubtedly times when you may want to do certain actions as your Page. In this case, we’re going to take a look at how to Like another Page as your Page.

You may, for example, want to like another Page as your own Facebook Page (rather than your personal account)

  1. Visit the Page you want to Like
  2. Click the menu
  3. Choose “Like as your Page”
  4. Select your own Facebook Page
  5. Click Submit

This action cannot be completed from a mobile device.


Building your community

This helps you to build your community and engage with these Pages going forward. It is worth noting that liking a Page as a Page (and indeed, you’ll find this when other Pages do it to yours), it doesn’t ‘count’ toward the total number of Likes (so your Page Like count won’t increment).

This can sometimes cause a little confusion if you’re asking other businesses to Like your Page, but you notice the count doesn’t go up.

Pages feed

Facebook Pages Feed

But the whole point of this isn’t just to get your name out there. You’ve got to engage, converse, add value – as we’ve discussed before Engagement is better than followers. So, Facebook has kindly provided a nifty section on your Facebook Page called the Pages Feed (you’ll find this on your own Facebook Page on the right-hand side, shown above).

A view of the Facebook Pages Feed from Hypestar

This section allows you to see content (a timeline) from the Pages that your Page has Liked. From here, it’s really simple to Like and Comment as your Page – thus increasing your exposure and starting a meaningful dialogue with your community. This can be a useful feature for Pages who focus a little more on the B:B communities, or those wanting to simply interact with other Business Pages more.

If you’d like to test this, head to and Like Hypestar as your Page. Then check out your Pages Feed to see us in there – don’t forget to say hello!

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