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Want to enrol on the fully-funded business growth and digital marketing qualification weekend?

These qualifications have been brought to you fully-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) which means that your learning, accommodation and food costs are covered. This combined qualification runs over a three-day weekend and is both hard work and great fun!

You’ll have the opportunity to work on your business, alongside 30-50 other businesses in this amazing residential accreditation.

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Developing Enterprise Skills

The Developing Enterprise Skills qualification is designed to use your own business as the case study so that everything you do and everything you learn has a practical application to your business. This will directly influence the growth of your business profits. This certificate allows you to meet other like-minded SME businesses, giving you time that you might not have in your day-to-day life to set goals for you and your business.

Level 2 Award in Digital Promotion for Business (#DigitalHype)

As a part of the digital promotion qualification, you will be shown the process for measuring the effectiveness of digital content that you created to market your business. With these combined skills you will be able to; decide which the right digital platforms are for you, how to create the best content and how to see what works well and build on that so you can get the best results from your business.

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