The HypeXpert Series

This is the HypeXpert series, where our chosen experts write value-add articles for Hypestar’s audience. We invite specialists to contribute based on their skills and chosen field, and select from our range of partner organisations where we work with industry leaders to provide additional support to our learners. If you would like to become a partner or contribute to the HypeXpert series, reach out to us. A few things you may need to know about the HypeXpert series before joining –

  • You will be fully attributed to your contribution(s)
  • Please don’t promote your business out of context (we’ll make sure folks know who you are!)
  • You confirm that the intellectual property of the submission is entirely and legally yours to submit
  • You are asked to provide a non-exclusive royalty free licence to Hypestar to use the content in the article on its website and other digital media platforms

Here are the articles submitted by our awesome experts –

How to Generate More Sales Leads With Content Marketing

HypeXpert Series: Dominic Tarn from House of Content talks about generating more sales leads by taking advantage of content marketing

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