How can I pre-approve posts from members in my Facebook Group?

If you're moderating your Facebook Group, being able to pre-approve (unmoderate) select members can be a useful feature to help keep your Group moving at a steady rate. Here's how you can make this change.

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Update from Facebook about Cambridge Analytica: Was my information shared?

Facebook has sent out messages to users to highlight whether your data was involved in the reported issue involving the "This Is Your Digital Life" app and Cambridge Analytica. We explain a little more about what is involved in the permissions for apps and what you need to be thinking when keeping your data safe.

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How can I download my Facebook Live videos?

If you want to use your Facebook Live videos elsewhere, you will probably want to download them to your computer so you can then add them to YouTube etc. The functionality is always changing (you used to be able to do this much easier on Facebook itself), but here's a way that is pretty straightforward and in a couple of quick clicks, you'll be able to save your Facebook Live video to your desktop.

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