Can a Facebook Page join a Facebook Group?

//Can a Facebook Page join a Facebook Group?

Can a Facebook Page join a Facebook Group?

Yes! You can. Since the inception of Facebook Groups, it’s one of the most commonly asked questions I get asked. Up until now, you couldn’t – but now you absolutely can (well, as long as the Group Admin(s) allow it).

Can I join a Facebook Group as my Page?

When you join a Group, you’ve always had to do that as yourself (personal Facebook profile). A relatively recent change meant that Group Admins could join their own Pages as members (technically, admin members), but this wasn’t a usable solution to someone wanting to join someone else’s Group as a Page.

But all that has now potentially changed and with the settings enabled, you can now request membership to your favourite Groups *as* your Facebook Page.

Group Admins must select the “Allow Pages to request to join as group members.” to allow this feature

Is it better to join a Group as a Page or a Person?

I suppose it depends what you’re intending to say in there. If you see this as a ‘sales’ opportunity, and you’re just going to selling to group members, then I think you’ve misunderstood something along the way. But if you’re looking at ways you can add value, and you think you can do that best as a Page, then this is for you.

My concern is that ‘people buy from people’ and if you’re interacting as a Page in a Group – will you be able to build and maintain that same level of trust?

What do you think? Will you be giving this a go?

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