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James Lane is the Training Director for Hypestar. A Hootsuite expert, Certified Professional, Hootsuite Ambassador, Geek, Nerd & Educator (Nerducator), he is pioneering digital training solutions for businesses.Passionate about answering people's questions about digital skills and helping people by upskilling them to be able to do what they need to do themselves. He writes about social media, technology and digital skills.

What does Hootsuite’s AutoSchedule do?

The Hootsuite AutoScheduler helps you schedule your social media posts in a way that may help you reach more people than just choosing the time manually. Check out this guide that shows you how and why you should be using it.

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How can I show which city my website visitors are from in Google Analytics?

A question from our community: Is there a way of getting Google Analytics to show where someone is in the country people are looking at my website rather than just which country?

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How to request and give recommendations on LinkedIn

Recommendations on LinkedIn can be exceptionally powerful as a form of social proof - to show others an impartial view of what you've achieved and/or what you're capable of achieving. In this video tutorial, we'll show you how to request a LinkedIn recommendation from your clients or customers, and also how to send one to someone you've worked with.

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